Getting the career you want

improvementPerhaps you are fed up and underpaid and over worked. You may be stuck with limited choices and dead end jobs right now. It doesn’t have to be this way. Making the decision to improve yourself and your career prospects can be tough. The road ahead can have many pumps and hidden obstacles but with guidance and helping hand you can increase your chances of staying the course.

Often people that are in this situation have such a tough time getting out of it and it might feel like a catch 22. You have limited time because you need to work longer hours to pay the bills. You may also feel too tired to put hours in after work learning new skills.

Getting the career you want or even the career you don’t know you want yet, has many huge benefits on your life. You will find you actually enjoy yourself most of the time. You will feel like you are making a difference and valued as an asset. Learning and having these unique skills also often pays much better and you will have career paths to move up to bigger and better things if that is what you desire.

Sitting down with a careers adviser or councillor is great starting point. Hopefully you will be able to clearly define your goals. Now you know where you want to go you can start to plan your road map. It’s an important step in the process because you will be able to measure how far or near you are to completing your goal. You should also set up mini goals to your ultimate goal. This will break up the long road and give you some much needed encouragement that you are achieving something.

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