Getting the career you want

improvementPerhaps you are fed up and underpaid and over worked. You may be stuck with limited choices and dead end jobs right now. It doesn’t have to be this way. Making the decision to improve yourself and your career prospects can be tough. The road ahead can have many pumps and hidden obstacles but with guidance and helping hand you can increase your chances of staying the course.

Often people that are in this situation have such a tough time getting out of it and it might feel like a catch 22. You have limited time because you need to work longer hours to pay the bills. You may also feel too tired to put hours in after work learning new skills.

Getting the career you want or even the career you don’t know you want yet, has many huge benefits on your life. You will find you actually enjoy yourself most of the time. You will feel like you are making a difference and valued as an asset. Learning and having these unique skills also often pays much better and you will have career paths to move up to bigger and better things if that is what you desire.

Sitting down with a careers adviser or councillor is great starting point. Hopefully you will be able to clearly define your goals. Now you know where you want to go you can start to plan your road map. It’s an important step in the process because you will be able to measure how far or near you are to completing your goal. You should also set up mini goals to your ultimate goal. This will break up the long road and give you some much needed encouragement that you are achieving something.

Fire safety careers

If you are interested in a career that could save someone’s life, then you should consider dealing in fire safety. Fire safety careers are abundant and offer many advantages. Oftentimes the work load is very reasonable, the hours are not overwhelming, and you get to engage with people while doing something that you enjoy. It makes sense to check out all the career paths that seem to interest you, not to mention there are many fire safety jobs that have great pay. But in addition to great pay, careers like this also offer the satisfaction of helping out others. Here are just a small sampling of great potential careers in fire safety.

1. Fire Marshal

Being a fire marshal is a great privilege that requires a long period of training. Generally speaking, most fire marshals have had previous experience as a fire fighter. This experience serves an important purpose, it gives the fire marshal first-hand experience about what it is like to be in a fire. This is often a thought that is never lost on the aspiring fire safety worker. Fire marshals serve many different functions depending on their location and the requirements of their city or community. It is often said that being a fire marshal is a mix between detective work and firefighting. If you think you would enjoy learning about the history of architecture and inspecting buildings to make sure they are up to code, then you should look into a career as a fire marshal.

2. Fire Investigator

While the fire marshal often focuses on preventing the fire, fire inspectors try to piece together what failed when a fire does occur. The puzzle can be tricky at times: What was the cause of the fire? What are the origin of the flame? Was this an accident or a case of arson? The entire scenario is a puzzle that the fire investigator must put together to figure out the who, when, why, where, and how. By figuring out what caused the fire, the investigator will then be able to format a plan for how to prevent the fire in the future. If you enjoy challenges and like catching the occasional bad guy, then work as a fire investigator is something that is definitely worth taking a look at.

3. Fire Safety Director

A fire safety director generally is employed by the owners of large buildings (such as a hotel or office building). The main job of the fire safety director is to make a plan of escape in the occurrence of a fire or other calamity. These plans can be crucial to saving lives, which is why this career is so important. Once the plan is determined, there is often a rehearsal to make sure that the employees could implement the plan in the case of an emergency. Making sure the plans work smoothly in is a main priority for the fire safety director. If you enjoy making plans and seeing them put into action than this career may be perfect for you.

These are just a small sampling of all the jobs that are available in fire safety careers. If you have interest in pursuing any of these jobs you should get out and talk to a job counselor or someone who has first-hand experience. The more that you learn about these careers, the more you might be excited to find that one of them suits you perfectly.


Careers in the Online Bingo Industry

There are many careers and positions that one can pursue in the Gambling Industry, as it is a multi-faceted industry which offers a plethora of job opportunities. In effect, the gambling industry can be a dynamic place to work in and one which certainly offers a lot of scope for progression.

The first and most obvious career that one could do in the gambling industry is work as a bookmaker. This is someone who is employed in a betting shop and takes and processes bets from consumers who perform the bets. This can take two forms of employment: firstly, the bookmaker may run their own business and as such it is their responsibility to take bets and set their own odds and adjust profit and risk as they see fit.

Bingo has really taken off in recent years, especially in the UK. It is a game that has been playing in England for decades and remained popular in the brick and motor sense. However in the last 10 years online versions of the game have started to take over and gain a lot of traction. There are very large companies that have come up due to its popularity. They are continuing to grow and so are the jobs on offer. Marketing departments is one area where the companies are expanding and there are opportunities here.

On the other hand, one could simply be an employee of a major gambling firm like Betfair or Ladbrokes and they would just process the bets and handle other administration tasks. Working as a self-employed ‘bookie’ is more lucrative than simply being employed by a gambling firm but it is also more risky as you are the sole owner of the shop and therefore are liable for any complaints or damages that may incur from customers, of which there may be many as it is quite a contentious industry to be involved in.

A bookmakers is not the only place that one could find employment in the gambling industry, they could also become employed in a casino. They may be security, doormen or even bar staff, but the most common occupation in these places are definitely the dealers or croupiers who deal cards or chips, or take the bets from customers. This is a fairly low-stress job and sometimes there is even the chance of a cash tip who is feeling lucky or when they have just cashed out a good stake. Furthermore, this can also be quite an enjoyable job and it certainly is a chance of seeing maths in action as some people know how to work the table by counting cards, something which staff have to be wary of and report to the staff.

Essentially, there are many careers in the gambling industry and they differ in terms of payrate and the opportunties that they offer you. However, there is a certain element of enjoyment in working in the gambling industry and it is quite an exciting profession no matter what role that you do.


Finding Work Overseas What About Chiang Mai, Thailand

I know what you are thinking… this is going to be another post about how there are awesome teaching jobs for backpackers in Chiang Mai. I actually disagree with this, not to say there is anything wrong with teaching English in Thailand I just don’t think it’s the best path to take. For one the pay is quite low even for the much lower cost of living.

I think there are some big opportunities in the Film industry. This may not be a long term solution for living in chiang mai but it is an opportunity to visit and stay some time while doing something that can be amazing fun.

Some massive hits have been filmed there including:

  • The Deer Hunter
  • Rambo
  • James Bond
  • Mortal Kombat
  • The beach
  • Star Wars
  • American Gangster
  • The hangover

And many more large productions all filmed in Thailand. The country offers naturally stunning and unique beauty that cannot be found elsewhere.   Production companies such as Living films are often the go to guys. There is a wealth of opportunity regarding jobs. Especially due to the location there are often complex action scenes that involve a huge amount of collaboration between actors, stunt men, costume designers, set designers and make up artists.

Filming of a new blockbuster “The Coup” has just begun (Jan 2014) in chiang mai. Reportedly Owen Wilson has had his Car set alight whilst shooting a scene. He has since been seen driving back to Chiang Mai Cityfrom lampoon where the set is located.